Become a World-Class Filmmaker. Save up to 60% on your video production cost.

Plug and play Cowan Agency's automation funnel to land high-paying corporate clients and learn how to produce Hollywood-grade content for a fraction of the cost.
$1,999 a year

Learn how to produce Hollywood-grade video, and how to sell your services to some of the best startups, corporations, and top marketing managers in the world.

― 60-day get-all-your-money-back guarantee if we don't increase your business' revenue through our tactics. (Only 5 members per City Annually)

S1: Hollywood-grade video on a budget

In this first season, you will learn how to operate the same Hollywood equipment used by top industry professionals and where to find key providers to obtain leading equipment at incredible rates, allowing you to cut video production costs by a huge margin. You will also learn how to find ready-to-shoot locations to save huge amounts of time. The combination of these force multipliers and other video strategies I teach will allow you to outperform most professional video production companies in the market. If you are an entrepreneur, it will allow you to produce Hollywood-grade commercials for your own brand at incredibly low prices compared to the industry standard. High-quality video is a rare edge that most entrepreneurs in the market don't possess. This skill will make your business be taken seriously at first sight.

S2: How to get high-paying recurring corporate clients.

We believe Google's search engine is the most powerful way to attract corporate customers simply because you have the opportunity to intercept this audience when they are ready to buy. In this season, you will learn how to outperform your competitors while spending a fraction of what the average Google advertiser spends every month. Also, you will learn how Google's algorithm thinks and how to leverage this bias to your advantage. This strategy allows you to dominate the Google traffic within your geo-location.

S3: Hitting the ball out of the park in your first impression.

Connecting with your audience through Google Advertising is just one of the first steps toward making your business successful, and now you need to convert this traffic. In this season, we teach you the best-performing and most sophisticated sales strategies in the market. We will leverage your newly acquired "S1: filmmaking knowledge" by using a combination of highly personalized videos, core principles of salesmanship, and sophisticated Silicon Valley tactics that will definitely raise some eyebrows, giving you a huge edge in your sales approach by using an enhanced sales vehicle for a memorable and creative first impression: personalized video proposals.

Free 6-figure Business Training: A glimpse at Cowan Agency's lead generation systems.

一. Linkedin Bot: $10,000 a month (High probability of success with an optimized offer)

二. Google Adwords Sniper Approach: Up to $100,000 a month. (No business, website, or expertise required if you create the campaign for other established businesses)

Earnings Disclaimer: Numbers are exclusive of Cowan Agency. No Earnings Projections, Promises, Or Representations. However, we do offer a full 100% refund if financial expectations are not met using our program.

Why $1,999 USD?

The most prestigious film schools charge around $35,000 per year, and their education is compartmentalized and siloed by tens of teachers who don't run actual video production businesses. Universities provide outdated principles because most of these don't receive real-time feedback from the market as actual entrepreneurs do. This market-lag hurts the student and puts him at a huge disadvantage when they approach the market on their own compared to virtually driven self-taught individuals. Considering that when you compare my track record to even teachers from Ivy League universities and simultaneously run a successful video production company in one of the hardest and most sophisticated video markets in the world —San Francisco, you can only surmise that charging the $1,999 figure it's nothing compared to the time, effort and pain you will save when I show you the road of how I got where I am today.

Stop Overpaying for Corporate Videos.

This program is designed for aspiring video agency owners, small business owners, and marketing managers. Here are the skills you will obtain at the end of this program:

• Principles of how to start your own successful video production company.
• Principles of how to start your own successful marketing agency.
• Cut video production costs substantially without sacrificing production value.
• Animation for dummies (Create sophisticated animations for your videos using templates)
• Filmmaking principles that will allow you to outperform most video production companies in the US.
• How to "photoshop" yourself on video: Remove wrinkles, look younger, fix your skin tone, etc. (Beauty techniques)
• Top 1% understanding of the world’s best advertising vehicle: The Google Algorithm and top 1% Google adwords strategies.
• Top salesmanship skills and principles from one of the world’s best copywriters.
• How to extract your opponent's sales strategy, tactics, and market intelligence.
• Top performing Linkedin Sales Strategy to profit and expand your network at exponential grade.
• Merging your newly acquired video and salesmanship skills to produce highly sophisticated video proposals.
• How to obtain the high-ground selling as a minority ethnic individual within your geo-location.
• Principles and tactics to create a best-selling Silicon Valley web page.

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