Best Filmmaking Course in the US for the following reasons:

Only Filmmaking course in the US to include a $50,000 Hollywood camera kit for a 1-day rental for small business owners or aspiring cinematographers with no previous experience, we also include our $2 Million Dollar Penthouse Studio, and thorough education on how to become an ultimate filmmaker for only $99 USD! (No insurance required for certain members!)

Learn how to produce HDR Hollywood-grade video, get a $50k Arri Camera kit, and access to our $2 Million Penthouse Studio in Rincon Hill. Everything for just $99 USD.

― Very few videographers in the world know how to produce True HDR content, not even the top film schools in America teach how to produce HDR cinematic videos as of today! Even though they charge thousands of dollars! Become one of the few filmmakers that know how to produce the best video standard in the industry. If you are looking to buy only the course itself without our equipment or studio, then the price is only $45 USD

14-Day Hollywood Filmmaker Course

PRODUCE THIS VIDEO QUALITY FOR $99 OR YOUR MONEY BACK. This course & membership includes:

1. The A to Z knowledge of how to produce True Hollywood-grade filmmaking content.
2. Raw footage of all our projects including Davinci and Premiere Pro project files to fast-track aggressively your learning curve. YOU CAN USE OUR FOOTAGE FOR YOUR OWN BUSINESS PROMOS AND PROJECTS! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!
3. A membership to use our $50k Hollywood ARRI camera kit for your own projects (includes everything: Lightning equipment, Cooke lenses, etc.)
4. One-hour access to our penthouse studio in Rincon Hill, San Francisco, CA.

Our Best-Selling Penthouse Studio

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Our $50k Hollywood-grade Camera Kit (Includes Everything)

Don't get intimidated! This camera it's easier to use than most $600 DSLR cameras out there! and it is completely protected through our insurance. Arri is the leading camera brand in the filmmaking industry. It is the preferred sensor and camera by Oscar-awarded cinematographers. Why wouldn't you use and learn the best equipment in the world from the beginning!?! It's only $99 per day! Our kit includes everything you need to film true Hollywood grade video. Stop using DSLR cameras and produce videos that have Hollywood quality because you are filming with the SAME HOLLYWOOD CAMERAS! Check out our free training by clicking on the left picture below.

About Fern Cowan & Important Disclaimers

Hi, I'm not like a super millionaire, or super successful, but I'm definitely better than 98.8888% of filmmaking teachers out there and I make a decent amount of money to have the credentials to teach marketing as well. Here's a video about myself, where I try to be all serious and corporate. I've done commercials for celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, and some of the top Silicon Valley startups in the market. Oh, I also was featured on Forbes with a 4-page article at age 24 if that helps too.

Disclaimers: Our $99 Membership includes access to our ARRI camera kit for only one day during one shift. We have 2 different shifts: 6:00 AM - 3:30 PM and 3:30 PM- 11:00 PM. Please let us know which time slot you would prefer. Our membership also includes 1-hour access to our penthouse studio as stated. BOTH THE CAMERA KIT & PENTHOUSE ACCESS HAVE AN EXPIRATION DATE OF 30 DAYS TO USE FROM THE DAY YOU BUY OUR MEMBERSHIP. We have a legitimate CAP of 60 students as we only have 1 camera kit.

If you only require the A-Z knowledge of how to produce true Hollywood grade video then the price is only $45.

For additional questions e-mail: [email protected]


14-Day Hollywood Filmmaker has a 7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely SATISFIED and ENLIGHTENED by the 14 Day Hollywood Filmmaker Program, then contact us within 7 days for a full refund, no questions asked! 0% Risk for you! Our reputation is endorsed by brands such as Forbes, Hundreds of Sharegrid, Google & Peerspace reviews, and tens of Silicon Valley Startups, including Fortune 500 companies clients from Cowan Agency! Buy our program now and become a legitimate Hollywood Filmmaker for only $99 today!

Rent for 365 Days.

  • 14-Day Hollywood Filmmaker Course (No equipment)

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    This Program includes my HDR filmmaking course, (No penthouse studio or equipment included in the purchase of this course.)

  • How to hack America. $999

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    I teach here how I make 6-figures for my clients in different industries, from YC combinator backed startups to Onlyfans clients making 5-6 figures a month. Watch their testimonials if you are still skeptic by clicking "Watch Trailer".

    I also teach how I've been living for free in a penthouse in...

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