REC.2100 HDR Video Training $99

REC.2100 HDR Video Training $99

HDR Videos have 2x more colors, dynamic range, and resolution. Learn how to create HDR videos with any camera! With our editing methodology, you will be able to unleash the full potential of your footage without spending an extra dime or you don't pay! 100% guaranteed.

This course contains how to produce HDR video content with any video camera, and how to hack the Youtube streaming platform to obtain the "Celebritiy codec" increasing your resolution dramatically. HDR video provides a substantial increase in video quality in core video elements such as dynamic range, additional colors, and resolution without having to purchase any additional equipment.

Watch our test footage: (click show more)

What we promise:

✅ Streaming Bitrate Upgrade

1. Youtube and Vimeo compresses your footage by at least 30%
2. Youtube provides a “Celebrity codec” to famous bloggers and entertainment giants like Marvel, and Sony, that’s why your videos will never look like a movie unless you get that codec even when you film with the same cameras and lenses. I know how to hack this codec. (This info is not on YouTube I promise)

✅ REC 709 Editing Pipeline upgrade to REC. 2020.

3.You are currently editing on a REC 709 pipeline, I will teach you how to edit on a REC.2020 with your same equipment and computer and this will double the colors from your camera. Feel free to google this if you don't believe me.

✅ Substantial Dynamic Range and resolution increase

4.You are currently editing on SDR mode, I will teach you how to edit on HDR mode that will enable exports of 12 bit processed footage, this will increase the sharpness, and dynamic range substantially of your footage from ANY camera.

All of these changes don’t require a single extra penny for you to invest, the only additional thing you need is the knowledge so that you can unlock these values from your LOG-C footage, and for that knowledge, I charge $99.

If you decide to move forward, I will send you a docusign link because this information and my methodology are truly not on YouTube. I’m everywhere on the grid, you can add me on Facebook or Linkedin for additional questions, I have 3 different businesses and all of them individually have 95% of positive reviews from verifiable sources throughout the years so there’s no way for me to fabricate this reputation superficially all of a sudden, here are my businesses and how I engage ethically on different industries.

✅ Reputation:

My Peerspace listing with more than 100 positive reviews:
My googleable Cowan Agency website from my production company:
My Turo Car listing:
My Sharegrid profile of the equipment I rent and how I behave with other colleagues in the industry:
Even here on Forbes at age 24 (I’m not bragging this is when I used to live in Mexico when I used to be smart back then…hehe I’m just kidding I’m still smart) :

We can even do a FaceTime call for more technical questions if necessary.

So that’s it?, so it’s this really the Holy grail of editing and export settings? Mmm yes it is, I mean I’m not perfect but this will literally and technically double the amount of colors and resolution from your videos. As of today, very few videographers know how to produce HDR videos so you will truly have a competitive advantage in the market right off the bat.

For questions e-mail: [email protected]

✅ REFUND POLICY: 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED AND 0% RISK FOR YOU. All your money back or you can simply destroy my reputation online if I don’t deliver on my promise.

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REC.2100 HDR Video Training $99